Trying to understand the future of Climate Change

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Potential Background Research

The information I use for this project must be entirely factual as I want this project to be as informative as possible. As a result, using scholarly or academic sources is vital. I may be able to incorporate media sources as long as I have fact checked their information. Some examples of potential background research include the following:

S. Huq, S. Kovats, H. Reid and D Satterthwaite, 2007, Editorial: Reducing risks to cities from disasters and climate change

Lauren E. LaMonica, Rebecca J. Fox, Jennifer M. Donelson, 2021, Thermal sensitivity of juvenile rabbitfishes Siganus doliatus and S. lineatus (Siganidae): a key role for habitat?, Coral Reefs, 40, 4, (1307-1320),

These two scholarly articles provide information about climate change that would be important to the basic structure of this project. Combing through these articles allows me to learn the knowledge that I can then reproduce into…

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