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Medical technology has advanced tremendously since the stethoscope became a basic tool of health care. The broader availability of the mobile internet, the expansion of a more affluent middle class and an aging global population are all driving change in the health care industry; and associated technology is changing faster than ever before.

Near and far future medical technological advancement is a huge subject area. Regarding the topics outlined in my pitch, so I may need to be selective in terms of choosing the subjects to be presented in my ‘informative’ posts.

In order to produce a quality DA, good time management is important. According to blogger Anita Sambol’s blog, ‘How to Create a Timeline for a Project (and Why They Matter)’, having a timeline can help me plan, research and deliver, plus recognise when I might have fallen behind in these areas. This means I can react and fix the problem as soon as possible. When I have an overall view of my progress in front of me, it will be easier to avoid working mindlessly on tasks, so I will be more focused and achieve my objectives. 

As mentioned in the pitch video, I haven’t decided which social media platform, (Twitter or Instagram or both), to use for my DA. To assist in making this decision I’ll utilize the Feedback Loop, (observe, test, prototype, ideate, define). I’ll run a poll on my personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and ask my audience which platform(s) they prefer. My final decision as to where I post will be based on the result. 


I plan to post around 200-300 words at least once a week for my DA, from Week 6 to Week 11. I won’t start my posting in Week 5 because I want to wait until I receive my tutor’s and peers’ pitch feedback and make any necessary changes to my ‘presentation’. 

As far as adhering to the proposed timeline goes, (see the above diagram), I plan to do research the week before I post and then post the information in the nominated week, which means I will be doing research in Week 5 for my Week 6 post. This way I will have more time to plan and design my posts, to attract more interest and reaction from my audience. 

However, if controversies the subject area I am writing about are in the news, (or in another related topic is), I may respond to this and create my post around this/these issue(s). 

I’ll use part of Week 11 and Week 12 to prepare for the final assessment. This will allow me plenty of time to produce a good written summary of my DA. 

Finally, I’m planning that my first post, (Week 6), will be about the future of ‘Health Sensors and Telehealth’, a topic that will capitalise on the popular focus on and use of these medical devices/applications, and hopefully expand the audience’s knowledge and interest regarding the advancement of these technologies.

Watch this space for the update!

Reference list:

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