Esports Interviews – BCM325 Pitch Presentation

Zanda's Zone

For my DA this semester, I am to make esports content in an interview setting with experts in the industry, whether that’s people I work/have worked with or others in the industry who I have the means in which to contact.

Esports has experienced massive growth in the past few years! As mentioned in the video, according to Insider Intelligence, there will be 29.6 million monthly viewers in the US alone. Along with that, according to NewZoo, one of the industry’s most trusted sources, global esports revenue in 2022 will be in the ballpark of nearly $2 billion.

With this in mind, along with my love and passion for esports, I want to really delve into what makes esports so popular, where it came from to get to this level, and where is it headed in the near and far future?

By having two main questions in my interviews, “Where…

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