Peer Commentary-We in Dis Together

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The peer commentary task saw me analysing my ability to provide good peer commentary and constructive feedback on other students pitch blog posts for our ‘Future Studies’ subject. 

Kira is exploring the short/medium term future of digital media marketing through a series of blog posts and TikTok videos.

Olivia is researching the future of the beauty industry and using TikTok to educate her audience on possible future beauty trends.

Tegan has created an Instagram page based on book recommendations and how this concept will evolve in the future. 

What did I learn from the peer commentary process?

When giving myself a critical self-evaluation of my peer commentary efforts, I reviewed the type of links to further research that I provided for my peers. I provided web links and article links; however, I could have spent more time looking for more academic-type sources. In saying this, I often personally prefer to…

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