Blog 1: Pitch Comments and Critical Self Evaluation

Always Zhuo

Anything not mentioned here will be added in the following blog content


Comment 1 (1)

Further research links for comment 1 (2)

Some suggests about her DA making after she responded me for comment 1 (3)


Comment 2 (1)

Further research for comment 2 (2)


Comment 3 (1)

Links provided for comment 3 (2)

Reflect on subject lectures for comment 3 (3)

Above are my comments on three peers’ pitches. I am very happy that the presentations of the students I commented on are all excellent, and each has its own interesting points. Even I found similarities in their DA ideas to my pitch presentation! For example, in the second people’s pitch, I found that she is going to do a DA regarding future live music. This is such an interesting topic! My DA is also going to be relevant to the future pop-culture, which is the…

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