What Makes Good Feedback? – Critically Analysing my Feedback Skills

Laura Broker-Towart

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Comment 3: Michael

What Makes Good Feedback?

I will critically analyse the quality of my feedback based on five of seven (the last two aren’t relevant as I haven’t provided ongoing feedback) of Wiggin’s Seven Keys to Effective Feedback:


I feel I met this well. I offered feedback on how my peers could build upon their ideas for the final assessment

Tangible and Transparent

I think my feedback was both tangible and transparent, however, as I state in the podcast, I feel some of my feedback was a bit long. I perhaps provided too many ideas, therefore they may be overwhelmed with too much feedback, or not read it at all because it’s too long. In the future, I will try to be more concise, and focus on a few key ideas to make the feedback more effective.


Effective feedback offers solutions…

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