Becoming a Peer Review Expert

Bonnie Stonestreet

In my time as a uni student, I’ve done a fair amount of peer reviewing and commenting on the wonderful work of my fellow students.

As a peer-reviewer, I always feel like I’m stepping into someone else’s world, the project they enjoy, and a whole new topic for a Digital Artefact that I hadn’t considered (you could say a possible future I didn’t take)!

Photo by Lara Far on Unsplash

I enjoyed peer reviewing other individual’s BCM325 projects as they inspired me. Even though I am set on looking at a zero waste future through Ecoternatives, through the peer reviewing process I was able to look at the future of AI, sci-fi movies, and the music industry for a couple hours as I thought about, researched, and reviewed their pitches. It was interesting to see what other people thought of when they wanted to explore the future!

Peer Reviews

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