Coming In Hot With A Fresh Batch Of Comments

Georgie O'Brien

What makes feedback valuable? Engaging with my peers’ digital artefacts and providing them with constructive feedback is a skill we have been developing through the BCM subjects, so providing each student with more than just a “great job!” is something I’ve been trying to improve on. Let’s take a look at the digital artefact pitches I commented on for BCM325:

Pia: ‘Fashion Forward – Future Fashion Trends’

Pia is exploring the future of fashion trends in the next 10 to 50 years through developing her own fashion TikTok account ‘Fashion Forward’. She will be documenting her findings through a blog mini series.

Samantha: ‘Future of Bookstagram’

Having already established a bookstagram, Samantha is going to be investigating the future of such an oversaturated niche and exploring other tools on Instagram such as Reels. She will utilise her blog to further discuss these topics.

Amelia: ‘Let’s Talk About ADHD on Instagram’

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