Peer Reviews – BCM325

immerse into media

Looking through and reviewing my fellow student’s DA’s is something that I have really enjoyed doing throughout my time as a BCM student. It is something that, although is a requirement for the course, I feel like all students should be doing anyway. It is a great way to not only see what your fellow students are up to throughout their course but to also dive into topics that you maybe wouldn’t normally dive into. I have reviewed 3 of my peers DA pitches for BCM325 and have dove into 3 worlds that I personally do not take part in.

  1. Chelsea’s Business Plan

Chelsea will be creating a business plan for her social media business. She intends to create a 5 year plan to help assist her in her social media managing.

2. James’ future of gaming

James will be exploring the future of gaming and utilising his past DA’s…

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