Reviewing & Reflecting

Caitlin Olsen

Feedback is so important in the process of creating something. Sometimes, it helps that it’s from people who are undertaking similar concepts and projects to yourself. In this case, our digital artefacts. Feedback is not just valuable for students, but for everyone, it is constructive and provides for ongoing development and iteration. It allows people to learn from weaknesses, increase strengths and observe possible new ideas. The OODA loop, observe, orient, decide and act is significant in helping to establish a continuous cycle of feedback and response, creating analysis, synthesis, action and evaluation.

“To discern what is going on, we must interact in a variety of ways with our environment”.

John Boyd, the strategic game 2006

Amelia: “Let’s Talk About ADHD”

Amelia is researching and writing about ADHD “in a bid to better understand [her] diagnosis and to account for why [she] was left undiagnosed for [her] entire childhood and…

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