BCM 325 – The Live Tweeting Experience

Daniel Salvato

These past 4 weeks we’ve been watching movies to do with the future, but with a twist. Throughout the movie me, along with over 30 students would live tweet using the hashtag #BCM325.

These tweets consist of reactions to the movie, certain themes or motifs, all the way to facts we find while researching. 

Here are all the tweets from these films:

2001 a Space Odyssey:

West World:

Blade Runner:

Ghost In The Shell:

The tweets themselves help to vocalize the kinds of thoughts and questions you have while watching the movie, which allows for an open conversation with other students, as they’re experiencing the same thing as you.

This audio helps to elaborate on my thought process and the kinds of thoughts that go through my head as I made my tweets:

The experience helps to bring in the perspective of others while watching these movies, as most students…

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