BCM325 – Live Tweeting Summary Pt. 1

All films feature the concept offuturologythrough analysing and predicting the future through various concepts. This can also be seen as a form ofAnthropoceneas the films all feature a futuristic world that has evolved due to the impact of human activity and manmade technology.

Week 1:A Space Odyssey (1968)

Week 1 was all about getting my bearings on what this whole “live tweeting” exercise was all about as I haven’t done it in any other subjects before. The film itself was very intriguing, posing a lot of deep topics which is mainly what I tweeted about. I must say I did hold back with interactions a bit though and stuck to retweeting and liking others tweets just because this was new territory for me and I wasn’t 100% comfortable with the idea as of yet. Chris actually did mention…

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