I Can (kind of) Use SoundCloud

Just to start off, I know the title isn’t one of my usual hilarious, witty, laugh-out-loud puns, but it took me too long to work out how to use a very basic site so I felt I needed to mark the occasion with something other than this sad screenshot…

Anyway, jumping straight back into it!

Like you will hear in my SoundCloud recording *flips hair* I had the opportunity to comment on the pitches of Alana (@lanabooks_) , Annesha (The Future of Me), and Laura (Short Form Cooking Vids), who are all looking into topics that interest me! While my DA relates to Annesha’s the most, I also turn to creators of short form cooking videos for dinner ideas, and I have even taken the book recommendations of Alana in the past! Knowing that I related to each DA pitch individually anyway, also gave me more of an incentive to research and review their pitches to the best of my ability. I am really intrigued to see the outcome of each individual DA and how they each progress this semester.

Alana and the Future of Bookstagram

Annesha and the Future of Herself

Laura and the Future of Short Form Cooking Videos

I wasn’t able to fit the whole comment on Laura’s pitch in the screenshot, but here‘s a link

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