Critically Analysing my Live-Tweeting Skills

Laura Broker-Towart

This post will provide a critical self-reflection of my live-tweeting.

I initially thought one of my weaknesses was that I hadn’t linked my tweets to the lectures enough, however, looking back, my tweets were influenced by the lectures more than I thought:

Sources Mentioned:

BCM325 Lectures week 1-5

Mapping Cyberspace in the The Matrix

Cyberpunks and the Matrix Trilogy

In particular, I kept coming back to two key ideas that have been prevalent in most of the lectures; past futures, alternate histories, and infinite futures. This highlights that these are topics that I understand, and am interested in.

I do need to work on being more specific that I am linking to the lectures, however the fact that I was sometimes linking to the lectures without realising highlights that I was understanding the content.

Although it’s great that I kept coming back to a few lectures that…

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