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It’s interesting to see other students projects, when you begin the process of picking a DA you feel like you have nothing, or too many choices until you whittle it down to your selected DA that will eventually change through the FEFO stages and ideating process.

I found from Jessica’s blog she took an approach that combined the process of research and planning which is an approach similar to mine. What I learnt from giving her advice, is that I also need to broaden the scope of my project, yet hone into more specific topics and ideas. In my pitch I played around with the idea of adding a second platform to my blogging, but I really do need to do several project because If I am just to do one, I am limiting myself to the opportunity of the feedback loop and vastness of the internet. I also spoke of talking about various topics, but in order for my project to have the stability it needs and impactful content, not waffle.

From Julia and Ruby’s blog I gave them links and ideas of different topics to go into for both idea of the “future of genres” and “DODA”. I suggested several, because if they were just to cover one it would be boring wouldn’t it? Which is what I need to impliment into my own DA. I do want to cover topics but i havent decided which ones. I need to start a feedback loop already to know how to go into the DA with detail topics and areas to research. If i just brush on the surface of several topics it wouldnt be enough.

In Julias blog I suggested looking at the future of dating/romance with advancements in A.I. as seen in Ready Player One and Black Mirror. Black Mirror is a great starting point for looking into Sci-Fi and its influence on our current future (The Future is Now) and the progressions that will be made even further from this point. I may need to do extra viewing sessions aside from the article research I intent to do. Media is my future, particularly in my career, I need to be at not only a variety of articles but a variety of sources.

In Ruby’s I suggested she look at covering other social platforms other than her selected one, as well as looking at the lecture content in relation to how science fiction has mythologized the scientific and technical concepts into the spectrum of human interests and behaviours and how that then related to the way technology is viewed in art.

I believe all three of the girls blogs adressed the social utility. Which I also mentioned in mine, but on reading their DA’s it’s make me reflect on how me talking about myself will truly help others, which is something I have to be weary of when writing my blogs and creating my DA. Gaining feedback and giving feedback has allowed me to see how broad my DA has appeared, and how careful I have to be with my approach.

Julias Blog:

Ruby’s Blog:

Jessicas Blog

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