Peer Reviews BCM325: Am I Harsh?


Here comes the time of the year to report on my peer reviews on a few DA pitches and reflect on the process, relevancy and future outcomes that this task has brought to the table.

PeerReview 1: “THE FUTURE OF THEMCU” by Melissa Ellenholt

Melissa’s project focuses on the future of content in the marvel cinematic universe, addressing the current and future tv shows and movies. I took high interest in this post due to my familiarity with the MCU, to which I found an issue with her post, therefore I corrected her, Sony owns the rights to Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman therefore it is their choice whether he gets a third movie to not (Source I provided). I also recommended Mel to post her content on platforms such as TikTok as I thought that would fit right in. Maybe I was a bit too nit-picky with this comment…

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