The good, the bad and the ugly – peer feedback, BCM325.

Amelia Phelps Journalism

As part of the BCM325 subject, students are challenged with the task of commenting on other peer’s Digital Artefact pitches to generate feedback loops which provide valuable insight and constructive criticism. This process is of mutual benefit to both parties involved as the commentary seeks to stipulate reflection and consideration of the commenter’s DA too.

Comment 1:Tegan has created a Bookstragram account and intends to explore the future expansion of her account and business within her DA.


Summary:Within my comment, I noted my excitement for Tegan’s concept, the highly interactive nature of the feedback loops generated by the bookstagram community, the benefits of utilising more specific hashtags and an example of one that she may like to use, how Tegan’s DA may benefit from a more defined future focus and the importance of considering the past in order to predict the future.

Reflection: Upon reflection of my…

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