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WK 1 – 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick 1968) 🛰

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Speaking of, he uses a lot of colours in the last 25m as Dave explores

Originally tweeted by Boswell’sBrain (@BoswellSbrain) on March 3, 2022.

I mainly looked at parallels in our world today and in the films that were inspired from 2001: A Space Odyssey. My peers were able to show me things I may have missed about production and techniques – silent film and SFX. A discussion from my tweet showed we were discovering the same thoughts. Finding parallels in modern film and television was just the beginning of this filmsvinfluence in our modern world. Technology and fear of, always seem to go hand in hand, and this was the perfect film to get us in the mindset of that, and to question it!

WK2 – Westworld (1973) 🔫

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West World a film that on the rise of AI in a Sci-Fi\created future where AI will eventually turn on humanity. I always keep an eye out for visual elements and how they have influence in modern design and creation. What I found interesting, as well as in the prior film, is how much Disney influence can be found in looking at; what makes humans human, computers and consumerism. This viewing took me to many discussions of humanity, and how its represented – if it’s unfair to side with humans because thats who we are. And if it’s wrong to look down on AI.

WK3 – Blade Runner (1982) 🌃

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Knowing I had never viewed Blade Runner I wanted to see what my peers had to say so I could participate in discussions. The film questioned ‘what makes a human, human’. We discussed the depiction of the future and deception.The film shows the audience who is Human and who is a Replicant, which makes us wonder how we put ourselves above AI, because of fear? because their made to serve man? Reoccurring themes, biblical themes and visual cues have also been seen in all films we’ve watched.

WK4 – Ghost in the Shell (1995) 🧑🏻‍🎤

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This anime film showed a woman who has been augmented to be part AI (cyborg), and works to hunt down another AI, who has wrongful intentions. A few fellow female peers found that she had been heavily sexualised for no main reasoning. But what was interesting in the notion she was part robotic, is she always felt human, in her mind. My findings allowed me to question emotions and what makes humans ‘unique‘ – technology dependance is what is foreshadowed.

WK5 – The Matrix (1999) 📟

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The Matrix create an invisible perspecitive (Cybernetic system) that conditioned the characters. And makes us wonder what we are conditioned to believe. Colour and perspective tell us what is “real”. “Cybernetics is a cornerstone of modern computational and communication technologies.“, the film shows the trancending of time and space as an extension of reality with colour themes and representation as well as biblical refrencing , mythology and rebirth.

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