Yeah Grandma, Uni is good, we watch sci-fi movies and make memes about them in class 

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My first reaction when finding out we got to watch sci-fi movies in BCM325 each week instead of attending monotonous tutorials, I was understandably thrilled. I sat back on a rainy Thursday morning in my PJ’s and prepared to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey, ready to zone the f out.

My my how I was wrong. This live tweeting stuff? Yeah it’s the real deal. True hard multitasking, philosophical, FBI researcher business.

Each week we have been tasked to craft engaging tweets and share them with our classmates, similar to a running commentary. We must also interact with our classmates tweets, positing ideas, assumptions and observations on the movie in question, whilst also relating that content to subject materials and Futures Studies.

I will be highlighting my best 2 tweets from weeks 1-5 below, in the form of either original posts or interactions with fellow BCM325 students. If you would…

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