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Tweet Tweet – By Shayla Carl

Shay's Wondering World

My experience of live tweeting has been a refreshing one. Initially I wasn’t sure if I would like it, however I have found that throughout the time I have live tweeted the movies it hasn’t actually felt like I have been analysing the movie. Live tweeting has enabled me to feel included in a community, while having a voice to help discuss complex thoughts and ideas.

What I have learn’t:

  • The dehumanisation represented in the movies as the future approaches. By this I mean the dehumanisation of how humans interact with Robots who have been manufactured to be like humans and have feelings. In west world you see a male be offended that a female robot has said “No” to him. Representing how in this movie humans have dehumanised the robots to make them selves feel ok about what they doing, Ie killing, or having sex with the Robots, because…

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