A ‘mixed’ BCM325 live-tweeting experience.

Amelia Phelps Journalism

As part of the BCM325 subject, students are challenged with the task of engaging in live-tweeting sessions during weekly screenings of various sci-fi films.

As this is the first BCM subject that I’ve studied since my first year of university, I felt a little under-prepared for the task of live-tweeting. The experience so far has been an interesting, albeit humbling, one I admit. 

While this post intends to highlight the best of tweets and interactions resulting from the live-tweeting sessions I’ve engaged in so far, I believe it important to first take a brief look at some of the poorer quality tweets I’ve produced, to see the improvement and progression I’ve made so far across this semester.

The very first screening, 2001: a space odyssey, saw me scrambling together a means to access the movie and a last-ditch attempt to remember my Twitter account details. I sat through the…

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