Live-Tweeting Summary 1

Hi, I’m Adrian Lam. Welcome to my Future Culture’s ‘Live-Tweeting’ summary  1. 

‘Live-Tweeting’ is an interesting activity I’ve never experienced before. Reading others’ ‘tweets’ can help me understand more about the relevance of the movies being reviewed and will help me improve my analyses of these films.

Even though I am enjoying watching movies and simultaneously ‘live-tweeting’ this has proved difficult. As I’m ESL, I must focus on the subtitles to understand what’s going on in the film, especially when there’s a dark scene and/or the characters are talking softly. My English skills have limited my thought processes and creativity in producing posts, so I haven’t had much time to create ‘attracting’ tweets. Thus, I haven’t received a good number of responses. I’ve also tried to make different types of tweets within the limited time, such as memes and gifs, but the result has been disappointingly the same. 

So, I sought the opinions of Chris and my classmates. They said I should do preliminary research to pre-generate draft tweets before watching the movies to gain a better understanding of its background and content. 

Future Changes / improvements 

I need to contribute more valuable descriptive and analytical responses to my classmates’ tweets, based on my research and movie viewing, and to demonstrate my understanding of the relationship between the movie and lecture materials; rather than saying, “Oh yeah”, “It’s so true” etc, which don’t really enhance the discussion. Giving more thoughtful responses means I support others’ research efforts and demonstrates I’m learning from them – fulfilling one of the subject’s objectives.

Week 2’s movie review: Westword (1973)
Week 4’s movie review: Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Above are my tweets which received the most responses, (likes, retweets, and quote tweets). I posted these after watching Westword (1973) and Ghost in the Shell (1995) in Weeks 2 and 4. I also discussed these points in the seminars, and my classmates agreed with me. I will try to post similar insightful tweets to attract more astute responses to promote penetrating exchanges in the future.

Grace’s tweet regarding Blade Runner (1982)

I was surprised by Grace’s post, outlining the religious symbolism of Tyrell’s death in Blade Runner (1982), while I concentrated upon the film’s plot, futuristic depictions and technologies.

In future, I’ll ‘think outside the square’ and undertake preparation to understand the films’ contents and nuances. Thus, I’ll have more engagement with the movies, lecture materials and my classmates’ tweets.

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