Looking at Views of The Future – DA Pitch Overviews (#bcm325)

The Vorrias Blog

We had been set off with the task to comment and take a look at what our fellow colleagues will be doing for their DA, also known as a Digital Artefact. A digital artefact is something that showcases the presence of an individual on the internet, whether they create a podcast on fashion for example, or an etsy for their arts and crafts, while taking feedback and altering their project for better results.

Pitch Overview #1: Chelsea

Up first is Chelsea! Chelsea decided to create her DA around a business plan for her Instagram page, with the plan going for five years. I really thought this was a really good idea, as this Instagram page she was running is her business, and without having a business plan its almost like driving in the dead of night with the headlights off, which is something I felt that I very much had…

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