Self Evaluation

Hi, I’m Adrian Lam. Welcome to my Future Culture’s pitch self-evaluation. 

My peer’s pitches used moving pictures as background to voice-over content. Moving images give an added dimension to a presentation by promoting audience interest. So, I have incorporated this idea here. I often use still images to augment the voice-over. A combination of both still and moving pictures could be worthwhile too. 

I’ve realised my still images need to be larger– and they should complement and not distract from the information presented.

My peers’ pitches didn’t use sub-heading and point form to aid their voice-overs, whereas mine did. One peer used some written materials, but this was in sentences and paragraphs.  I use written points on screen because I’m ESL and have a heavy accent. But I believe, through a comparison of my pitch with my peers’, that written point form to back-up the voice-over achieves a more effective presentation. Studies have also found ‘appropriate’ written material focuses the audience’s attention and boosts information retention.

One of my peers spoke to camera using a lecture-style delivery and read from a prepared script. Eye contact with the audience was lacking. This lecture-style is something I might try for part of a future pitch’s content. But I would use a split screen, so I could put information in point form on the other half, with relevant and non-distracting images behind. I would be careful if using this delivery format to make sure I made eye contact with the viewer. To avoid eye contact deflates audience interest.

When I considered my vocal delivery alongside that of my peers, I believe that mine was successful, and their pitches could improve in this. My peers had low voice volume and/or flat tone and/or too fast delivery, plus some halting expression and mispronunciation.

A presentation is a performance that must capture the audience. I try to make my voice volume appropriate and use an expressive tone. I often re-record parts of my voice-over if my accent or any mispronunciation could affect interpretation/meaning. It makes for a clearer, more professional result. 

My peers’ pitches were productive in outlining their purposes – explaining the ideas and concepts they intend to discuss in their posts. I made some suggestions for additional inclusions.

I believe my pitch also had constructive treatment of purpose and the ideas and concepts to be explored. When I receive my peers’ feedback, I will be receptive to any suggestions regarding content expansion and presentation improvement.

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