Another day Another Peer Review

Maddy Hawkins

Images by Vecteezy

Over the past two years at University I have conducted multiple peer reviews and comments on fellow students’ work. I have learnt that providing feedback is about actively listening, taking the time to analyze and giving solutions that ensure individuals can revise their papers before submission (ActiTIME 2021). Both positive and negative feedback is useful in ensuring we make valuable decisions (DeFranzo 2022)

Peer Reviews

Thy Hoang – The future of coffee

Thy will be exploring how climate change will affect the future of coffee production by creating short TikTok videos.

Richard Liu – Sci-fi Movie Reviews

Richard will be conducting sci-fi movie reviews of the movies watched in the subject and he will be posting the videos on his youtube channel “Future movie gang”.

Tori Saros- The future of Social by Tori

Tori will be creating a social media management & content…

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