BCM 325 Blog Post 1. Pitch Comments and Critical Self Evaluation

The content of this post is a summary of the three peer reviews of DA pitches for BCM325 – Future Cultures at UOW. As part of BCM325, we are required to comment on three other student’s DA pitches to show engagement with other students. We are then to self-reflect on going through this process.

Giving critical feedback on a peer’s conceptual idea of a project is extremely hard, while I could purpose about things they haven’t thought of or expressed or could have done differently in a 3-minute pitch. It would be better practice via a group constructive brainstorming medium with multiple peers at once prior to the pitch than a commentary after an official pitch in my opinion but with the current situation with COVID-19 we have to make do.

The three pitches I looked at were Georgie’s mood blanket, Sam’s bookstagram and Amelia’s let’s talk about adhd.

While I found them all informative and I offered what commented support I could as all three projects were very short future projects and very, I mean very personal and niche I found it difficult to really engage with their subject matter. While my project is large scale future studies and I can relate it to the subject matter. I found it really difficult to conceptualise their personal projects with BCM325 subject matter as most the subject matter looks into long term future studies not the short term (the next ten weeks).

All in all, engaging with other student’s ideas was a helpful experience for not only my own DA but for my understanding of how others look at Future Cultures BCM325 and what they are looking to get out of it. I do wish that this engagement was done as more and editorial meeting or brainstorming activity rather than an analysis after the fact one. Because as it is with an official pitch stating the methodology, I have high doubt that any of these comments will drastically change how another student progresses with their DA.

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