Tweet Tweet

Maddy Hawkins

Over the last 5 weeks, we have been live-tweeting our experiences watching various sci-fi films. Live-tweeting is sending a series of tweets during any particular event where you are a host or participant. I have found live-tweeting to be a positive experience that helps us analyse the future and how it can be applied to the subject material.

What have I learnt from live-tweeting??

What I have learnt from live-tweeting is the need to research and construct analytical tweets before the tweeting session. I found i have been struggling to engage with the film, live-tweet and interact with students at the same time. In future BCM325 weekly live-tweeting sessions, I plan on taking time to pre-plan my tweets and find different themes which could be used to create conversation with other students. I want to start creating tweets that are more in-depth and aren’t just commenting on what is obvious.

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