For the Record, Live tweeting about the future

While some offered insight often they were just triggers. Like the tweet below about the tourists in Westworld linking to the office while it got the likes and comment it offered little information about what I wanted to say about consumers of Westworld.

I was looking to answer questions posed by other students during the screenings and when I saw ones, I could answer I did. However, I did find that when doing so they often just led to a like then a discussion.

 Maybe due to the topic being moved on from in the movie and everyone trying to stay current maybe follow up comments after the screening are not a bad idea but I generally don’t think a lot of students would be enthusiastic in engaging in such debates outside of the screening.

In the screening of 2001 a space odyssey, because of my BIT studies, I was aware of the Turing test and was able to ask about whether Hal would pass the test early in the screening but it fell on deaf ears. I did have more to say but was disheartened so didn’t speak up more on the matter.

I’m hoping to have more engagement of the live-tweeting process. Though the possible, the probable and the preferable are yet to actually be seen.

I like the subject matter of Future Cultures and sometimes while the “text” like The Matrix do highlight the lecture material really well and speak volumes to how if you look at your life you may realise you are already in a form of The Matrix’s.

I am a little worried about the future texts being too sci-fi to actually be real possible futures and have substance, not that I think The Matrix is a possibility.

Sometimes the extend views links like “The Future of Climate Change” under week 3 blade runner I found more engagement with then the movies but that’s just because fact always bets fiction as a choice for me.

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