Commenting on the Commented

Keep it Sweet with Kira Sweet

Welcome to my critical reflection of my peer commentary for BCM325…

The Comments

Pitch 1: Jess Virgus is continuing her DA from previous subjects, being a bookstagram, and using this to examine how future technologies will impact the future of Bookstagram/Publishing communities.

Reflection 1: 

While researching this project, I learned about a topic I am not very familiar with – being bookstagram in relation to a career in publishing. Jess was able to continue her DA from last year into this subject, which made me reflect on my choice to completely start a new DA that does not correlate with my previous TikTok Digital Artefact. This made me look back to the original purpose of this subject: to study the future and our lives within this future. From this, I was able to gain confidence in my career plan DA and feel certain in my project plan, thereby motivating me…

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