Project Feedback is IMPORTANT!


My process when giving feedback to peers started with a simple list of dot points I wanted to fill in through my initial viewing and reading for their pitch. The list consisted of:

  • Name
  • Project
  • Future relation
  • Objective
  • Platform
  • Timeline

These points started with simple one-word answers and as I went through was able to elaborate further as the ‘questions’ were answered. I found this as a similar way to which I have previously conducted feedback and an effective way to take notes of things I wanted to discuss in my comments. 

For all three comments, I used the same process. Taking notes prior, allowing a reflection period to re-read and follow up on the notes – then conducting the comments. 

For Mackenzie Smith, I  discussed what his topic was and found points and areas I found really effective and easy to understand, I found his platform of choice…

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