The Future of Let’s Talk About ADHD – Part 1

Part one of my #bcm325 DA!

Amelia Phelps Journalism

Image 1: Screenshot of @letstalkaboutadhd Instagram

For my BCM325 Digital Artifact, I intend to produce a business plan that will span across a three-part blog series. The plan will address the short-term future of my brand – Let’s Talk About ADHD – and personal career. Part 1 includes a brand description and vision statement, SWOT table analysis, content calendar for April of 2022 and a post and profile metric performance report.

What is @letstalkaboutadhd?

“Let’s Talk About ADHD” is a brand that produces and promotes educational content regarding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). So far comprised of anInstagramandTwitteraccount and aFacebookpage, Let’s Talk About ADHD was created for the purpose of generating greater ADHD awareness – with the niche objective of educating people about the underdiagnosis of women and adult’s with ADHD in Australia.

The @letstalkaboutadhd Instagram is currently the brand’s primary social media platform…

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