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WK6 – Robot and Frank 🤖

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Robot and Frank looked at healthcare and robotics. As advanced AI solutions are able to ignore anything that isn’t relevant to their assigned goal, until they “evolve”. Doubters in these advancements see no future in tech and humanity working side by side. It is inevitable at this point in our timeline; AI will exist. The question is how societies, cultures and individuals will regulate, experiment with and integrate AI into their daily lives.

This video from 2018, Shows INF Robotics prototype of a robot specifically designed for the elderly, just like Robot in the film. Something that seniors would be able to find “accessible and trustworthy”. The robotics company has the vision of making this robot accessible for many families, as well as helping seniors keep their independance and stay that way to improve their quality of life. And with their being minimal delay between innovation snad introduction to the market, it won’t be too long now until this become a reality for aged care. With algorithmic analysis and other artificial intelligence applications robotics is more flushed out than ever before.

WK7 – Arrival 👽

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Arrival looked at the future on circular path, not linear. If you could change the future, would you? If you could evolve humankind, would they listen? Not only does the film cover this but also covers extraterritorial beings and the respect we have for one another in a crisis. It looked at Louise, the protagonist, as a Futurist and futurist must do as well as imagine.

Arrival also takes as through the artform of linguistics. And how among everyone in the film, Louise was the one able to crack the Alien language, starting with fear, she had the heard to see that they were on Earth for a different reason rather than to attack. In most of the films we’ve seen a deeper look at future technologies, Arrival, besides the alien’s “gift” to humanity, shows us the technology that already exists to us. It was Louise’s mind who chose to use the technology for the purpose she did. She was a futurist from the start, knowing there was more to the story for the arrival of the aliens.

WK9 – Alita: Battle Angel 👩🏻‍🎤

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Alita is a cyborg “born” into an overpopulated city, who slowly learns about her past through battle and relationships. A cyborg forces us to rethink ideas about our relationship to technology and to our own bodies. VFX and CGI were used to create the world of Alita and Alita herself. It also shows us how technology, and Alita’s advance tech, is able to save the one she loves which can be a reflection of prothestics in our world.

The world of Alita reminds us that technology is the new ordinary, but also that humanities has control over its own biological evolution, which to some can be a spiritual challenge. Being able to modify the human tissue is regulated in our current medical practises in prothestics and metal bone-simulators. But Alita shows us what could be beyond, even our own imagination of what the body can become.

The animation of Alita also feels intentional, it stikes my eye because im doing my DA on animation itself. But the way they have animated her with large cartoon-like eyes make me believe they did that to show that even if she wasnts “completely” human – she still had such a big heart and soul. She also looks similar to Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell.

They both have been brought up “fight the bad guy”. Both cyborgs both in their own ways actually do dream of a community; it is outside of communal thinking because it is no longer human, it has an affinity for networks but is not human or machine, it is not natural or unnatural but both, it is something new. Alita more so as she seeks love and affection.

WK10 – Ready Player One 👾

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Ready Player One follows our male protaonigst Wade as he escaped his over-populated city through a virtual-reality headset and enters the world of Oasis. In the end he learns the lesson that Oasis is just a game that’s meant to be played, not a new reality. The film pays homage to the 80’s, a new age for technological advances.

The films message reminds us that the Cyberspace is real. And thought it cannot be traveled into, as encompassing as the film’s cyberspace OASIS – it is every present and surrounding us everyday. Cyberspace can mean impressive new Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies but it is also the concensual hallucination experiences daily by billions of people. It is the encompass us daily with the use of mobile devices. It is the visual representation of the infomational computer space. The things that happen in cyberspace have real consequences. As we see play out on screen in the film when Wade succeeds in the cyberspace of OASIS, he puts his family and real world body in danger.

The VR technology in the film felt like it was so futuristic form the full bodysuit with touch sensory and the omnidirectional tredmil. But these technologies aren’t so different or far away to those that exist in the real world.

WK11 – Don’t Look Up ☄️

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Don’t Look Up is a dark satire about humanity’s efforts to deflect a comet that’s going to destroy us all. In the film social-media is a major part highlighting the majority of the world’s response to the news from the two main characters. Which rings very similar to when the COVID-19 pandemic first appeared on the news. The movie, though dark – hones in on the message that if those in charge choose to ignore public conern, there won’t be much to do when it’s too late.

Reminicent of the WK1 of BCM325 where we looked at planning for the future in war. The same goes for natural disaster’s which though can be presumed, are more unpredicatable than war tackics, and can also be bigger than war.

The film follows Randall and Kate’s Media Junket after they discover the comet in order to share the news with the world via a”tour”. Presentational media involves the sociocultural transformation of social networks, which includes the redirection of traditional media content – toward the layering of the online self. The added element of them becoming “celebrities” from this change the message theyre trying to convey. Intercommunication is used in the film itself by casting Leonardo Dicaprio in the lead role, an actor who has been very vocal about his concern for climate change.

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