I’m Going To Miss Watching Movies

Hello again for another look at the tweets I have produced (live) while watching some fun lil films over the last five weeks. Looking back, I’ve noticed that I probably tweeted more about the state of the “world” in which the film was set, or relating it back to some connection I had with it rather than focusing on the aspect of the future (which could be problematic for me), but once again, I really enjoyed the live tweeting 🙂

In my previous live tweeting blog post (the title is really long so click here to see it), I noted a few things that I wanted to improve on for this second round of live tweeting, which I don’t think I really did, however, I did learn that live tweeting is a really valuable skill to have, and after reading a number of articles/listicles about why live tweeting is beneficial for your business, I also found out that it can be a super convenient space for you to collaborate and meet with potential future partners.

Anyway, back to actual live tweeting.

Reflecting on the second half of the semester and the live tweeting experience, some common themes (as mentioned above) in my tweets involve more of a comparison or note-worthy contrast of our current world, and the one presented in the films, such as…

These particular tweets were during the film Arrival when Louise and the team investigating the extra-terrestrials finally come to the conclusion that using signs and symbols would be more beneficial to them, as these other-worldly creatures don’t appear to speak English, or speak any language for that matter.

Another tweet from Arrival that performed well, and which seemed to resonate with other BCM-ers, was this one (below), where I am again making a connection between the world we currently live in and the world where the film is set, rather than focusing on the future.

Something that I really wanted to focus on in this round of live tweeting, was drawing on content from the lectures, but also discord discussions that were had before we independently started the films, which I feel I touched on, but not to the extent that I am happy with. However, one of those times was during Alita: Battle Angel where she doesn’t seem to fit in with herself,

Another thing that I feel I improved on was finding and drawing on articles that looked further into the concept of the film we were watching at the time, which was another thing that I was aiming for this time around.

I’m kicking myself for not tweeting this because I thought I had, but the reason I found the music in Ready Player One so interesting was because even if the film was set in 2022, the soundtrack for it would still be considered “old music.” And the juxtaposition between the 80’s music and the futuristic setting of the film, set in 2045, is one I found really interesting.

Something I noticed, specifically with the Alita: Battle Angel tweets was the sudden rush of the Alita fanbase that came to interact with my tweets, these two in particular

Some things I could have worked on:

  • Tweet different things!! Going through the tweets from the past five weeks made me realise how boring they all were. If I find myself live-tweeting in the future, I will make sure I incorporate other media (memes, images, etc) into them just to make them a bit more interesting
  • One that has carried on from the last blog post is preparing tweets before hand! Even though I feel like I had more of a handle on what I was tweeting and when, I still should have put more preparation into the act of live-tweeting rather than just relying on the live aspect of it.

Here are a couple of extra tweets that sum up how I’m feeling about the world after watching some of these films and how technology is impacting me (and others) now and will continue to do so into the future

anyway, thanks for a great sem! I really enjoyed the live tweeting experience (despite being stressed [too many thoughts, not enough time]), and hope to do it again in some (or just one) other class 🙂

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