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In my previous critical reflection, my main takeaways included that I struggled to link and build my tweets off of lecture materials and concepts, keeping up with tweeting and watching the movie at the same time, and engaging and creating discussions with peers. In this blog, I will demonstrate my development of improving the quality of my tweets based off feedback and from my experience from the previous critical reflection as stated above. 

Watch this video to see what I did to improve my Live Tweeting

This Critical reflection will look at my live tweets made on movie screenings from week 6 to 10 of the future cultures subject which includes:

  • Robot and Frank (2012)
  • Arrival (2016)
  • Ready Player One (2018)
  • Don’t Look up (2021) 

Robot and Frank

This Movie brought about ideas of the future predictions of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and how we imagine the future into…

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