Live Tweeting Future Cultures Screenings

Caitlin Olsen

Quick tip: There is an option for an audio version of this recap at the bottom of this blog if you don’t feel like reading!

Welcome back to another live-tweeting summary post on my engagement with the BCM325 screenings and subject materials. This time we are exploring movies, Robot and Frank, Arrival, Alita: Battle Angel, Ready Player One and the satirical Don’t Look Up.

Now, this time round I have taken my own feedback from the last blog post to utilise better secondary research and engage further with the subject content. I have decided in order to do this I am going to shift my focus primarily to two of the movies I engaged with best during the live-tweeting. These movies are also the ones that left me perplexed and remain fixed in my mind even after the conclusion of the class. I believe this method will allow me a…

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