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Every week I am able to watch fantastic films and live-tweet. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, even though it is very enjoyable. Prior to this subject, I have never live-tweeted before. A tsunami of tweets filled my account to the brim with clever analysis, film commentary and inside jokes of many memes, which puzzled and amused me. Of course, all with the same hashtag #bcm325.

It’s more than just live-tweeting. It’s interacting with other students, showcasing your knowledge and involving subject materials. Live-tweeting affords us the opportunity to express our words and use visual art simultaneously. It is different from face-to-face communication.

Following on from myinitial critical self-reflection, my main takeaway was to still produce content that is equally relevant but presented in a way that encourages greater interaction. This blog, hence, will feature a secondary critical analysis of my live tweets from weeks six…

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