To See The Future, Look at The Present

Samantha Pitaktomorn

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In the last five weeks, I have analysed and conducted commentary on films via Twitter in relation to films that discuss the future in various forms. These screenings include; ‘Robot and Frank’, ‘Arrival’, ‘Alita: Battle Angel’, ‘Ready Player One’ and ‘Don’t Look Up’.

These films touched on elements and situations that had many similarities to that of our current reality. There are striking moments that I have observed in these films which I have integrated into my tweets and discussions with my fellow peers.

Through a combination of my own tweets and the engagement with others’ discussions, a deeper insight to both future concepts and the films were revealed.

There was an interesting contrast between some of these films such as Robot and Frank presenting a utopia rather than a dystopia. In my tweets I wanted to discuss how things surprised me…

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