Tweet Tweet – She’s at it again

Tweet tweeting away. Part two of my live tweeting!

Shay's Wondering World

If you are a little confused please visit my first post on Live tweeting here.

As I continued my live tweeting journey over the last few weeks, I feel as though I wasn’t tweeting as much but I was beginning to tweet more in depth tweets, with more information. Quality over quantity if you will. The tweeting allowed for me to develop skills of abstract and unique thinking about the future. 

With the help of my peers, lecture materials and the movies we watched, tweeting continues to challenge my thoughts. One of the biggest challenges I have faced when tweeting was creating content and tweets that didn’t revolve around the movie but was focused around concepts and ideas. Trying to focus on tweeting about analysis of the future, and not movie content was something I felt I started to become better at, but I was stronger at doing this when…

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