A live-tweeting summary

Maddy Hawkins

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Sciences fiction is the telescope of looking into the future. It invites us to consider the possibilities our choices and interactions contribute to the possible and probable futures. Throughout the sci-fi films watched in weeks 6 – 10 in BCM325, we were able to speculate what the future could look like from Dystopian & Utopian societies, issues with climate change, overpopulation and ageing population, cyberspace and Artificial Intelligence.

During the second half of the semester, I have taken my own feedback from my previous summary (which you can find here) and have implemented researching and pre-planning of my tweets before the Thursday live-tweeting session. I have found I was struggling to engage with the film, live-tweet and interact with other students. By utilizing pre-planning I was able to take my time to construct analytical tweets and leave the…

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