All good things must come to an end – a solemn goodbye to BCM325 live-tweeting

Amelia Phelps Journalism

As part of the BCM325 subject, students are challenged with the task of engaging in live-tweeting sessions during weekly screenings of various sci-fi films.

Image: Collage of BCM325 screenings Week 6-11
Source: Amelia Phelps | Canva

The second half of the #BCM325 live-tweeting experience was quite different to the first. During my initial post about live-tweeting, I explained the challenges I encountered throughout the first five screenings – these included difficulties with Twitter word limits, scheduling Tweets, garnering engagement with my posts and paying attention to the film while still actively engaging in the live discussion and commentary. This post intends to discuss how I countered these challenges (in both the written and audio segment), noteworthy class engagements during live-tweeting for week’s six to ten of this semester and how my overall live-tweeting experience has engaged in thinking about the future and the representation of the future and its reality. 

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