Live Tweet Summary Part 2

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Week 6: Robot and Frank (2012)

For week 6, Live tweeting “Robot and Frank” the 2012 Sci-fi/Comedy was a breath of fresh air compare to majority of the films we had to live tweet about in this subject as it takes a break from violence and the futuristic terms of human vs robot. This week was to draw attention to the work of Spyros Makridakis who is a Director of the Institute for the Future (IFF) at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. He has written a couple of articles comparing future technologies 22 years apart about how industrial, digital and information revolutionised within the next 20 years.

Going from violent robot movies such as 1978’s “West World” to “Robot and Frank” is a brighter contrast and can exemplify that not all robotic technologies are evil like they were predicted iced in 1978. For my live tweets I highlighted that…

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