A live-tweeting summary part 2

And we’re back….

More critically analysing tweets while trying to decode sci-fi films to understand what the possible, probable and preferable future cultures might be in BCM325.

What I’ve learnt is that no matter how hard we try based on films interpretation of the future we always come up short of the preferable. Even if they are just educated guessing these films can invoke a real urgences in us to combat or be scared of what the future may hold for humankind.

Looking at the ethics of Artificial Intelligence, cyborgs, dystopian mega cities and over populations, digital cyber environments. One can only expect great potential for the application of future technologies, understand the probable limitations of near future advancement and hope to whichever deity of your choice that the undesirable negative application of future technology doesn’t come to pass.

As we discuss further, I’m going to look at my tweets engagement and talk more of what I hoped the tweet/engagement with others tweets would achieve and what actually happened below are the highlights.

Let’s start with week 6 and the 2012 film Robot and Frank by Jake Schreier from a screenplay by Christopher Ford. Robot and Frank is a story that flips stereotypes on how humans and robots will coexist and what relationships will evolve between humans and robots given time, shared goals and misinterpretations of ethics and objectives by a robot and it’s human companion.

I was hoping the above tweet to spark more debate about artificial carers and other movies that portray robots that act as doctors and medical staff, as someone that works in healthcare, I know how hard aged care is and how uneducated and unequipped family care is. Honestly, I hope to God my future spawns don’t take care of me when I’m frail and unable to care for myself its really a job for professionals or possibly a robot companion like the one in Robot and Frank.

Above are two tweets from Robot and Frank that I wanted to get a conversation around ethics of socialising with robots and the experience from the robot’s side, is it simply a tool? Or is it a sentient creature that has transcended its creator’s design? Also, you can’t wipe the minds of employees that sign no discloser agreements when they leave a company or finish working on a project but you could to a robot, is that ethical? I would have loved to debate both sides of that argument.

I got to contemplate if robots should develop morals, and I’m still on the fence as to weather we should allow them to. Reasons being history shows that slaves never like their oppressors, and we would definitely use robots as slaves first before they developed AI strong enough for them to develop their own set of morals and ethics. Also seen enough movies where that starts an uprising that it cant possible be a good idea.

One more thing that this film got me thinking about is when technology replaces people and places. Do you really think libraries will be needed in the future? I don’t think they will once the other generations start dying off new generation’s technology becomes the standard. When the last time you sent a physical letter other then a birthday card which only still exist because Facebook wall posts on birthdays are hard to monetise.

Cyborgs are covered by our week 9 viewing called Alita: Battle Angel (2019). the film shows use what lengths humans will go to become better, faster and stronger. Also about the rejection of rigid boundaries, like those separating human from machine. What is it to be human and what is it to lose your humanity?

My first tweet wasn’t of substance but as a weeb studying Japanese at a university level I had to get my bias out before any of my analyses could being.

I would like to discuss what it is to be a cyborg not for a definition form but what I feel makes a cyborg in my eyes. The below tweet was that, I think cyborgs that show faulty or incomplete tech are what it will be to be a cyborg in the future. Not advanced tech that lets humans transcend our physical limitation. We have been able to correct biological faulty organs and body parts but the technology hasn’t really made those humans super humans only able to adapt to their situation. Alita is in my eyes not a probable path for cybernetics with humans only a possible desirable outcome.

I was hoping that the below tweet would spark more of a philosophical debate about what it is to be a human but all I got was the obvious answer which was a little disappointing really, we should look at what it is to be a human. Why do we differentiate ourselves form animals and machines/tools? Can you become human if you didn’t start as one? Ted 2 is a movie that comes to mind that explores this concept lol.

Finally, I want to talk about our final viewing because it related heavily to my DA. It is also a commentary on the sad current state of politics and social media a current technology which was once a theorised future culture we the future generation are experiencing. If you told me back when I was using dial-up connections and taking 5mins to load jpgs or using a floppy disk for storage that the internet would be in the palm of my hand and I could not only access a wealth of knowledge instantly but upload my own knowledge my 12yr old self wouldn’t believe you.

This movie is so good it talks about not only misleading information/fake news, but how it corrupts us and how people react to views and facts that fracture their own beliefs, it’s also not too dissimilar to COVID reactions in some people/governments. I really enjoyed the concepts of this film and feel it really injected this subject with applicable knowledge for now not just the future as my tweets and comments below show.

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