contextual report | thr art of animation

My Digital Artefact looked at the art of animation. My blog series took a look at past and present techniques and how they will shape the future of animation. The lecture content and weekly viewings heavily inspired me to look into the world animation and the worlds it can create.

Imagination provides an important relay between sense, impressions and reason”.

(Spencer, B. 2019)

Imagination, a key term when it comes to animation art and the production of animated film. And the idea that art is crucial to rethinking the concepts of the imagination, tied in perfectly to the make believe worlds animation can create, it makes out present strange in order for us to see it in a new way. Science Fiction (SF) is a genre that draws imagery from many metaphors and models of the technological world we live in today as well as bring forth ideas of technology yet to come. It’s a genre that, in the film world, drawn in many animation techniques to bring the advanced tech of SF and its fantastical world to our “real” life.

In my DA I made predictions on where I saw the industry going. Though against Dators’ “rules” because of the uncertainly of knowledge. I used Moore’s law. “Some predictions, are actually observations”, based on what I research on modern day technologies, programs and methods within the animation space I assumed what would happen in the future of the field.

Thought AI is yet to take over in the animation and film world. It does play a big part. The computer generated animation has been put in layman’s terms, and allows a larger group of artist to have access to the skill. Thought we don’t see a fully functioning droid in front of us drawing a picture, the subject made me understand how A.I. is in reality, compared to how it’s portrayed in film. Like predictions need to be exact in order to help us understand how technological change, A.I. is the algorithm in the computer systems we use that have the ability to assist with tasks such as CGI. I mentioned this in my blog posts along with links ot different sources that go into the programs used by Pixar. With increasing experimenting in the digital animation space, inspiration comes from everywhere in ever aspect of our world because animation has the potential to tell so many stories the live-action/real world cannot fathom.

While researching sepraetly for my DA I always had cyberspace in the back of my mine. The direct link is the use of CGI to create cyberspace into a Virtual Reality for us to behold and fully actualise. Cyberspace is “a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation” And thought active and present in the cyberspace, it is the assistance of animation that bring it to “life”. This helped shaped my understanding the different of “real” and “tangible”.

Luckily my chosen topic had many link to the BCM325 content, and also inspiration from the films, particularly Ready Player One, Alita: Battle Angel and Ghost in the Shell. What the lecture topics most helped me with was understanding and breaking my pre-notions of the “make believe” worlds we assume are unreachable. It make me humanise these worlds even further. Which helped shape my mindset for creating and producing my Digital Artefact.

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