Fashion Forward- A Contextual Report

Pias Communication and Media blog

To begin this short contextual report, I will first detail my digital artefact concept. My original intention for the DA was to explore the future of fashion trends and use TikTok as my main channel for creating content. After posting a few videos, I ended up getting a temporary ban (more on this later) so I decided to create a series of blog posts detailing how major global events have influenced fashion trends instead, and put TikTok on the backburner.

Read Pitch Blog Post Here

Read about my DA journey here

My 1500 word DA overview linking to subject concepts


My method in addressing the future cultures DA challenge, was to conduct prior futurist research using the lecture content, and then use that research as a way to structure my blog posts. This ensured that I was staying on track with my DA addressing future concerns. To ensure a…

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