The Future of Shopping – Contextual Essay

Ally vs the Universe

In BCM325, I have been researching the impact that Augmented Reality technology will have on the online shopping industry over the next 5 – 25 years. This was done in the form of a three part video essay series which went into detail about the short, medium and long term effects. For those who are coming into my project late, my pitch from earlier on in the semester goes into detail about my project’s concept, methodology, background research, utility, and overall trajectory. But here is a slightly updated version due to changes of direction in my research.

Project Outline:

Project Timeline:

I also created a gantt chart in the early stages of this DA. I would say that my timeline was achievable as I was able to hit all my targets with deadlines.

Peer Feedback:

I also took on board a lot of peer feedback…

Here my peer recommended…

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