Digital Artifact Contextual Report – Cybernetic Future (#bcm325)

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My digital artifact was based on the aspects of cybernetic implants, prosthetics and other similar technologies. Some of the weekly lectures and topics were able to inspire me to do a topic like this, as I have always been curious about such technology and wanted to search into it more.

Some of the aspects that I wanted to consider when it came to cybernetic technology was its pros and cons and how it can make an impact, both negatively and positively in the future, as further technological breakthroughs and developments are being made as each year goes by. The key lecture topics that I found to fit my digital artifact were week 5 (cybernetic and cyberpunk) and week 9 (cyborgs), with each of these topics having a relevant film to the topic that we would view each week, such as Alita Battle Angel (2019) in week 9 and The Matrix…

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