seeing my future through a contextual report?


My digital artefact is an evolving piece of media that will project the future of blogging in not only 5 years but perhaps in 15 years. Future Studies has been under the examination of Ziauddin Sardar who is pushes our thinking beyond the typical boundaries of Westernised thinking (Moore 2022). Sadar begins with an analysis of the word ‘Future’ derived from the Latin ‘Futura/Futurus’ – which means ‘going to be’ (Moore 2022). My “future” that I am focused on in this digital artefact is my career as well as what medias will be effective with my future career.

Instagram is the new “life form” of blogging due to eye-catching pictures as well as accessibility. I wanted to do blogging as my theme of my digital artefact. I wanted to be a blogger on a video platform but I found it quite hard to create so I chose the writing form…

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