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Fast fashion is a term used to describea business model based on copying and replicating high-end fashion designsand all resulting problems such as depletion of resources, reckless waste, child and underpaid labor (Saxon, 2021).

The business works by employing thousands of fast-fashion scouts to find and copy the latest designs worn by celebrities on social media or by models on the catwalk. Once acquired, the latest and trendiest styles are sent to factories in developing countries, to be mass-produced at very low costs. Unfortunately, the entire business model has a serious negative impact on the environment, workers, and local communities.

I came up with the idea of creating a Digital Artefact that allowed me to explore the future of fashion. This involved utilising the platforms of Pinterest and my website, continued on from my first year of university, Blooming Beauty. Every week, I wrote a blog that…

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