The Evolution of Reaction Channels, and the Future


MNM Hub is a YouTube reaction channel I created in 2020 called initially “MMM Hub”. On this channel, I react to a bunch of different music artists in an attempt to develop a well-edited, comprehensive video on a regular basis. I also want to eventually branch out past just reactions into the realm of discussion-based videos, while still using music as my primary drive.


Using a few sources I’ll be looking directly into the history and future of reaction channels in order to create an understanding of how content is going to revolutionise over the next few years.

The science behind why so many people love reaction videos is quite interesting, here is a source briefly describing why:

“This is what I like to call the “just like me” factor. This is why, in addition to react videos, we love watchingproposal videosor watching someone spectacularly wipe out—and…

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