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Influencer Marketing in the Future: Contextual Essay

Abby Poposki

In this contextual essay, I will be discussing my Digital Artefact, Influencer Marketing in the Future. Influencer Marketing in the Future is a podcast that I created where I wanted to explore the concept of social media influencers and their link to advertising in the future. I chose a podcast format because I felt it reflected best for the research I wanted to provide.

In my DA I wanted to provide research and critical thinking about what Influencer Marketing would look in the short, medium and long term future, which I stated in my pitch. The podcast was to be three episodes total, one episode each dedicated to a future timeframe. The first episode focused on 5 years, the second focused on 15 years and the third was to focus on 25-50 years. However, due to time constraints and demands for other subjects, I was only able to complete two…

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Turning My (Incoherent) Rambles into a Coherent Reflection

Abby Poposki

Week Eight – I, Robot (2004)

Dir. Alex Proyas

I, Robot was a film that I struggled to engage with completely. I had seen it before and hated it, which clouded my ability to provide meaningful and insightful tweets about the content. I did not ‘like’ a single tweet from the viewing and only replied to my peers a few times. This was detrimental to my viewing experience because I was not able to adequately interact with my peers on a critical level but instead poked fun at the entire film.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 5.50.03 pmThe only ‘serious’ tweet from Week Eight’s viewing.

Week Nine – Robot and Frank (2012)

Dir. Jake Schreier

My engagement with others in the subject improved this week, however only by a small amount. I didn’t reply, like and retweet nearly as much as I had hoped prior to the viewing. The lack of engagement can be attributed to…

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Beta Patrol: Evaluating my own feedback

Abby Poposki

Once more, it is the time to evaluate feedback I left on three different Beta pitches. This time around, I tried to be more constructive on the actual DAs, but I did leave some feedback regarding the Beta pitches themselves as well.

[BCM 325] Iterations, Developments & Nova: Making My DA Beta! – Josh Crawley

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 12.44.21 pm

Josh’s DA had changed from his initial idea to form a video essay, an idea that I haven’t seen occur often in BCM325. I did struggle to understand the concept of novum and what Josh intended to explore about it. This may be due to Josh’s use of sophisticated language and the fact I was unfamiliar with novum. I noted this in my comment because I believe the format of the Beta is to inform the audience of the iterations of the DA, so being clear and concise is important.

Josh mentioned that he had…

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Trying Again.. And again: A Beta Presentation

Abby Poposki

The time for my BCM325 Beta presentation has arrived! I received really constructive feedback on my pitch and I applied them to my Beta project. My concept is still the exact same; are Instagram influencers and YouTube creators the future of advertising, but I’ve made a few changes to the approach I’m taking.

Moreover, there are still changes I want to implement in my podcast that I have not currently made, but I have listed them in my presentation. I believe there is plenty of room for growth and iterations over the duration of my next two remaining episodes.

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Pitch Patrol: BCM325

Abby Poposki

To critique one’s ideas and thoughts is not an easy feat. On top of that, critiquing my own feedback is a whole other struggle. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reviewing the ideas of peers and how innovative they were.

The T-Palm: Travis Matterson-Blogg

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 12.32.50 pm

Travis’ pitch about the T-Palm left me with so many questions, because his DA has the potential to go in many directions. This is a good way to approach a project because there will be many room for improvement and iterations.

I posed some questions to Travis that I think may be helpful in determining what approaches to take with the T-Palm. I’m particularly curious to see a response to my accessibility question because it may be available in a dystopian future, where the world may appear to be a different place.

I noticed that there were sometimes awkward pauses in Travis’ pitch audio and suggested editing them…

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A collection of live tweets (or ramblings)

Abby Poposki

Live-tweeting was something that was not new tome this semester, however the challenge proved all the same – keeping up with the film, while simultaneously tweeting my thoughts, feelings and things that I noticed.

Week One – Metropolis (1927)

Dir. Fritz Lang

In the first screening, I didn’t engage much with my peers during viewing. I think this can be credited to the fact I was focusing heavily on composing my own tweets and trying to gauge the kind of thing I should tweet about.

My tweets centred around humour and were found to be the most successful in receiving engagement

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 1.08.48 pm

Serious questions that I tweeted received little to no engagement. But I would later learn I wasn’t asking the right questions.Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 1.11.26 pmScreen Shot 2019-04-09 at 1.12.00 pm

Week Two – 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Dir. Stanley Kubrick

I enjoyed my viewing experience more this week and this is reflected in my tweets where I…

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BCM325 Pitch

Abby Poposki

In the year 2019, advertising is in a whole new phase: influencer marketing. Influencer marketing uses popular figures on social media to advertise to their thousands and even millions of followers. I wanted to investigate this new form of advertising because it seems it has become the basis for many companies’ strategy.

advertising was once solely done by companies by using paid actors and models to sell their products, however now influencers are being paid to publicise products and brands. this is a fascinating notion, which leads me to question how the concept of influencer marketing will change in the short, medium and long term.

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